The 5 Best Air Purifiers For Your Bedroom

Mammoth Classic

8159C8YixML._SL1500_The Mammoth Classic is equipped with a HEPA filter, a carbon filter and an ionizer, plus a pre-filter. As far as particulates are concerned, this device is pretty well rounded: it can handle allergies, odors and dust with pretty equal proficiency.

The unit has decent range – 150 to 200 square feet – that makes it ideal for medium-sized bedrooms, small-ish kitchens or other small-medium rooms. In those conditions, the device works efficiently and fairly quickly.

This unit is an exceptionally beautiful device. It has a cherry wood exterior with a very artisanal flavor: these units are hand-made and they feel like it.

Design-wise, the Classic is simple and minimalist. The front interface boasts two buttons: one for controlling ozone levels, and the other for controlling fan speed. The second button serves as an on/off switch, as well.

The Classic doesn’t have many “extra” features – no built-in air quality gauges, etc. One feature it does include is a digital timer, which allows the owner to schedule times for the unit to turn on and off.

The Classic’s noise levels are reasonable: on lower settings, the device is very quiet. Noise levels jump significantly when the device is operating on its highest settings, and that could bother people who want to run the purifier in their room overnight.

The long-term maintenance costs are fairly low; the filters aren’t washable, and will need to be replaced every 6-12 months, depending on how often you run the purifier.

In terms of energy efficiency, the device is about average relative to its performance. It will draw between 34 watts and 44 watts on higher settings, so it won’t kill your electric bill, but its efficiency still isn’t a major bonus.

All in all, the Mammoth Classic is a well-rounded, entry-level air purifier that is ideal for people looking for reasonable improvements to air quality in small-medium rooms.

  • Nice value
  • Great design, very stylish
  • Fine device for small-medium bedrooms

  • Coverage area is only average
  • Not a particularly powerful device

Coway AP-1512HH


The Coway AP-1512HH is a wonderfully effective and efficient device. It’s exceptionally quiet, energy efficient, and at times seems psychic; it can automatically detect pollutants and adjust its work pace accordingly.

It’s perfect for medium-large bedrooms and small living rooms, but can work slowly when tackling larger living rooms (albeit still effectively). It specializes in eliminating odors and other hard-to-eliminate particles.

The unit covers 326 square feet, and can produce quite an airflow. It features 3 layers of filters: a washable pre-filter (for dust and hair), a carbon filter (for odors), and a HEPA filter for smaller particles. It’s quiet, too. It achieves true “whisper”-level quiet on lower settings, but you’ll be able to sleep comfortably even when the unit is operating on its highest setting (at its loudest, it still doesn’t exceed 50dB).

  • Extremely “intelligent”
  • Handles odors with ease
  • Very Quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • Smart, sleek design

  • For the price, it should deal with dust better
  • Can work slowly when facing large rooms (over 400 square feet)

Honeywell AirGenius5 HFD320

61d+AcaTxyL._SL1500_The Honeywell AirGenius5 HFD320 features five purification “settings”: sleep, germ, allergen, general and max. These settings provide great versatility: If you’re using this device overnight in a bedroom, the “sleep” setting is an excellent way to keep the purifier running at “whisper quiet” levels.

If you’re looking to kick things into top gear, the “max” setting is great for quickly handling larger rooms. And for everything in between, you have the middle settings.

HFD320 is great for medium sized rooms; the manufacturer lists its coverage area as 250 square feet, or a room with dimensions of approximately 15 ft. x 17 ft. That estimate seems to be on the money, and the device can likely handle rooms significantly larger, although not as quickly or effectively.

The HFD320 is strongest at fighting allergens; it deals with particles as small as 0.3 microns, which means it can easily handle pollen, pet fur and dander.

On it’s two lowest settings, the HFD320 is extremely quiet; you’ll be able to run it in your bedroom while you sleep without trouble.

One of the best parts of the HFD320 is its energy efficiency. Here’s how the power usage breaks down by setting:

“Sleep”: 20-22 watts

“Germ”: 21 – 23 watts

“Allergen”: 23 – 25 watts

“General”: 26 – 28 watts

“Max”: 32 – 40 watts

That’s some outstanding efficiency for a device that performs as well as the HFD320.

Another good feature: very low long-term maintenance costs. The device’s two main filters – the pre-Filter and the “ifD” filter – are both permanent, so while you’ll need to wash them periodically, you won’t need to buy replacements.

  • Nice coverage area; great for medium-sized rooms
  • Five settings make this a very versatile device from performance, noise and energy standpoints.
  • Very energy efficient

  • Not ideal for large rooms (above 400 square feet)
  • Doesn’t excel at any one thing

Honeywell HFD-120-Q

4175VZRPX3LThe Honeywell HFD-120-Q is a great air purifier for small and medium-sized rooms; it delivers strong performance for the price, you won’t spend a penny on long-term maintenance/filter replacement and it boasts strong energy efficiency.

The HFD-120-Q has an optimal coverage area of between 170 – 190 square feet, so the unit is designed specifically for small or medium-sized rooms. If you’re placing this unit in a small-ish bedroom or dining room, you can expect the device to work very quickly, efficiently and quietly.

And the device works quickly in medium-sized rooms as well, circulating air up to 5 times per hour in rooms up to 170 square feet.

This purifier’s specialty is allergens. It’s CADR rating for pollen is 132, and the device boasts multi-filtration process that includes:

1) a washable pre-filter which captures larger particles (pet hair dust, lint)

2) a permanent IFD filter that captures smaller particles like pet dander, pollen, smoke, etc.

3) an ionizer (I will touch on this aspect in a minute)

The HFD-120-Q is Energy Star® certified and draws about 43 watts. Generally, the device is very energy efficient given its performance in small spaces. The device becomes less efficient as its abilities are stretched (say, if you use it in a 400 square foot room). But overall, this is the type of air purifier you can run all day without worry about crazy spikes in your electric bill.

It’s a very quiet device, as well. It has to be, considering it’s designed largely for bedrooms. At its lowest setting, the device is “whisper quiet” – you can barely hear anything. You will certainly be able to sleep with this device running in your room at night.

  • Great for bedrooms and medium-sized living rooms
  • Very quiet; you can run it while you sleep
  • Energy efficient
  • Good purifier for allergies

  • Less effective for larger areas (anything over 250 square feet is a stretch)
  • If the unit has one relative weakness, it’s handling dust

Sylvane GermGuardian AC4825

51PHf2kZQhLThe GermGuardian AC4825, at one point in 2015, was the best-selling HEPA air purifier on Amazon. It’s easy to see why: the device is inexpensive, exceptionally quiet and provides strong value at its price point – which for many people, will be enough. The device tackles all kinds of odors with great efficiency, and effectively neutralizes dust, mold and allergens in small spaces.

This unit is on the smaller side, so it’s not a surprise that it works pretty slowly and isn’t a behemoth when it comes to power or efficiency (CADR rating of 100-125). But it works pretty well, and that’s the bigger takeaway. The AC4825 handles smells and odors with great efficiency – smoke, kitchen smells, you name it.

Allergens, molds and dust are also toast with this device in small rooms. I’m extremely impressed with how well the unit works given its size and price. I’ll say it again: it works slowly, and it’s made primarily for your smallest rooms, but it does what it’s supposed to.

This device has two big selling points, aside from price and performance: it’s very quiet, and it’s small and sleek.

Its official dimensions are listed at 7 x 10.2 x 21.5 inches; in other words, you can stick it in a corner and let it work, and you probably won’t notice it’s there.

The quiet factor plays into that, too. This device is wonderfully quiet – it’s great for using in rooms you’ll be sleeping in. The device will get louder as time goes on; but 80 percent of that excess noise can be mitigated by cleaning the filters every so often. I’d recommend water-cleaning or vacuuming the filter once every week or two to maintain peak performance.

The design is pretty chic, as well. The unit is covered by a sleek black plastic that makes it look like a more expensive purifier than it really is. The top of the unit is covered in a soft UV light.

  • Great price
  • Extremely quiet
  • Thin and unobtrusive

  • Works slowly
  • Not powerful; designed for small rooms
  • Some questions about durability


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