18 Plants That Purify Indoor Air, In One Picture

Plants were the earth’s first air purifiers — they’ve been doing the job for millions of years.

Whether or not you own an air purifier, a few well-placed plants can do wonders for your home’s indoor air quality.

But not all plants are created equal: some have much stronger purification capabilities than others. So which plants should you put in your home?

LoveTheGarden has produced a wonderful infographic (see below) summarizing the best plants for purifying air, as ranked by NASA. Enjoy.

[Believe it or not, many of these plants are available on Amazon: the Boston Fern, the Spider Plant, Lilyturf and more. Just make sure you’re looking at a real, living plant — and not an artificial imitation.]



Photo by Mikkel Zibrandtsen via Flickr CC License


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