The Cardiovascular Benefits of HEPA Air Purifiers


HEPA filters have grown in popularity in recent years, mostly due to the relief they offer allergy and asthma sufferers. Now, a new study out of Denmark is touting the possible cardiovascular benefits of HEPA filters. The results of the study have signaled that HEPA filters may benefit cardiovascular health to the point where they will be as recommended as much as quitting smoking and keeping fit.

The Study

Researchers collected data from 21 couples between 60 and 75 years of age. All were in good health and did not smoke. The couples used portable HEPA air filters for 48 hours each and then went with using one for another 48 hours. The microvascular function of each couple was measured both before and after the HEPA filter use. This measurement is what researchers used to help them understand the impact of HEPA filters on the cardiovascular health of the study participants because it’s a measurement doctor’s use to see how healthy a patient’s cardiovascular function is. Often, cardiovascular disease begins as a malfunction in the body’s small vessels, so studying microvascular function is a key indicator of future cardiovascular health.

The Results

The results from the study were quite interesting. It turned out that during use of the HEPA filter, the study participants had a discernible upturn and enhancement of micro-vascular function, and it was apparently dramatic enough to exceed the researcher’s expectations. It was also discovered that HEPA filters removed up to 60% of the ultrafine, fine and coarse particulates in the air, which is something no other air filters can do. All of this leads to better cardiovascular functioning.

Why HEPA Air Filters Are The Best

HEPA air filters have always been the gold standard by which all other air filters are judged and the results of this study only bolster that reputation. By helping to reduce the burden on your body’s respiratory system HEPA filters improve cardiovascular function – they’re almost like an extra set of lungs!

If you’re looking to do what you can to help increase your cardiovascular health or if you’ve been suffering cardiovascular health problems, you should seriously consider adding a HEPA air filter to your home. They’re not just for cardiovascular benefits, either. They have been shown to remove VOCs from the air around you and also improve the symptoms of chronic respiratory disease such as asthma and allergies. If you’re looking for relief from allergies and you don’t have a HEPA filter in your home then you should very seriously consider one.

HEPA filters are simple way to improve the health and wellbeing of you and your family. They increase the air quality in your home and, as the Denmark study proved, have many benefits beyond. So what are you waiting for?


Photo by Ethan Lofton via Flickr CC License

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